To maximize productivity and obtain a faster return of investment, you need more than a great Landless Agriculture #SoilFree project, you need an adequate partner and a professional team to accompany you form making the design up to carrying out the operation. Which is why we have developed the service in agricultural projects in turnkey protected agriculture “TOTALHU®”. The TOTALHU® program is a total solution in landless agriculture from the hand of a single provider. We have designed this service to generate an integral solution in the financing of Berry producers and high value crops.

We offer attractive financing plans.

There are many advantages of working “turnkey” projects. Among the most important are:

The fast development of the project. When DIDIHU takes care of all of the disciplines involved in the project, the delivery times are quicker and communication is easier, due to the fact that you don’t have to work with several independent companies that have their own logistic system, but with one which makes the project more agile and effective.

Less contracts, more speed: By gathering every process in a single company you will save a lot of time, since you shouldn’t look for more providers and the execution times are established from the beginning and they aren’t at the mercy of each independent provider/contractor.

It centralizes decisions, it reduces risks: Making it a single company also reduces the risks and conflicts of having many people in charge of the design and execution, which prevents the generation of disagreements that generate unforeseen costs that make the project more expensive and can lengthen delivery time.

The reduction of conflicts. When the same contracting company is responsible for the design as well as the work, you avoid the conflict that usually occurs with traditional contracting methods, where the mistakes presented in the design have to be corrected during the construction, which makes projects more expensive and delayed, generating cost overruns.

Resource savings. It decreases your management responsibility and coordination and the organization of the project improves, achieving higher quality, as well as a more effective execution, the time is reduced and as a result the costs reduce as well.

Technical advisory for crop implementation: It starts with an agro-investment project at any scale, without previous experience and without complications. DIDIHU helps you execute and coordinate the development and the improvements of your crop, connecting you with recommended providers and advisors from our team, who will continuously follow up to the implementation of the improvements.

The TOTALHU® turnkey projects are modern technology in protected agriculture and they represent a great advantage in the execution of an agricultural project, since they make the process easier and it guarantees the conclusion of the project with the needed characteristics for your company. In DIDIHU we are aware of the complexity of this type of projects, and since our foundation we have specialized in turnkey projects for high value crops and protected agriculture.

The TOTALHU® turnkey projects include:

  • Executive project
  • Site Administration / Installation
  • Soil movements
  • Pots / Containers
  • Irrigation system
  • Substrate
  • Green houses
  • Nets
  • Accessories (Depending on the needs of the type of crop)
  • Advice on cultivation and project execution
  • Financing

Our process is very simple and we divide it in 4 stages:


The first step is to perform a complete evaluation of the viability of your project, in which the technology of your preference and labor requirements are taken into account, as well as financial solutions, insurers and legal documents.


The next step is to design the project plan. This includes the preparation of the land, the water supply, the precision irrigation system for your field, equipment, machinery and civil work. Later we put our experience into practice and define a clear and defined strategy.


Once the project plan has been perfected it’s time to put it into action, with onsite and offsite task management, which include from budget control to human resource planning.  This way we can ensure that the project is delivered on time, meeting all specifications within the planned budget.


The success of your project will depend largely on the quality of technical and agronomic support, which is why we developed a start-up advisory module for the development of skills in subsequent years. That is why we customize and refine our offer in this last step, thus ensuring a quick return on investment.


Contact us and know our TOTALHU® plans for financing in turnkey landless agriculture for berry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry crops.