These facilities located in Los Mochis, Sinaloa; One of the most important agricultural epicenters worldwide, were conceived with the aim of promoting the #SoilFree agrotechnological current.

We have different types of tests in agrotechnology such as: organic coconut substrates, own mixtures, containers, pots, agrotextils and different structures to protect a wide variety of crops.

The Ing Raúl Mercado Mexía Innovation Center, has become the meeting point for our clients, business partners, researchers, academics and agricultural associations in order to exchange ideas and encourage innovation and continuous improvement for the global agricultural industry.

The design and innovation of the DIDIHU solutions is the result of years of investigation, analysis and applied tests. We are pleased to be able to share this space to encourage the latest #SoilFree agrotechnologies and with this have your crops be healthy and productive.


Meeting place for the exchange of ideas and continuous improvement for the global agricultural industry.


We try our developments on our own crops.


We have a study center and different types of technology tests for a wide variety of crops.