We believe that people can grow through the use of innovation and the tools that technology has provided us. We believe that any company can and should grow in a smart way, with sustainable ideas. We firmly believe in helping our partners grow the best way possible achieving profitability.

To achieve these objectives, DIDIHU® works in collaboration with the best talent in the agricultural industry as well as investigators and industrial designers from different countries, like Holland, Mexico, Peru, Israel, United States and China, among others. This gives us a unique and global perspective in the field of practical research which allows us to give support and commercialize all over the world.

We started as agriculturists in 1952 in el Valle del Yaqui in Sonora, Mexico, looking to produce food on difficult lands and Little water available, therefore  we know what it’s like to produce in non-favorable conditions. This constant battle drove the innovative spirit of Ing. Raúl Mercado Ruvalcaba in 1955 to work hand to hand with Dr. Norman Bourlang in the so called “Green Revolution”, an international movement that sought to increase agricultural productivity. Hand in hand, it was possible to develop planting techniques for cereals such as corn, wheat and rice, making them more resistant to extreme climates and pests, introducing the mechanization that made it possible to achieve high productive yields, greater resistance and sizes.

From then on three generations have followed this agricultural tradition, with the cranberry production companies MERCABERRIES and Agrícola Mercado. DIDIHU® was born in 2009 with the only purpose of continuing the way towards innovation and continuous improvement to help our partners with the best tools of agricultural innovation so that they can obtain results such as improved fields and greater productivity Due to the experience of years in the field and our own needs, we decided to specialize in the development of solutions focused on Landless Agriculture #SoilFree and hydroponics.

Today we are pleased to share our innovations in containers, pots and substrates of coconut fiber based mixtures, solutions that we have developed in detail with modern technologies and that we put into practice in our agricultural projects. DIDIHU R solutions in pots and coconut substrate mixtures, is used worldwide as a technological package to boost hydroponic crops, nurseries and producers seeking true innovation and higher yields. Our philosophy focuses on total quality, which is why all our solutions are proprietary designs owned by DIDIHU® focused on offering true innovation. We handle the entire production process chain. We have our own coconut fiber and plastic injection production plants. This way we control from the development of prototypes, production, quality controls to delivery logistics.

Today we’re a Company that’s specialized in red berries (cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) and tomatoes, peppers, cannabis and flowers, among other crops.


Our founders have a unique vision that comes from their years of experience in the field of agriculture, manufacture, innovation, international commerce, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales systems.

Raúl Mercado was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and grew up in a family with big traditions in the agricultural production. After finishing his studies in the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, Raul traveled to Asia to create a stronger bond with the Chinese culture with the objective of contributing in the development and innovation of the agricultural industry worldwide. Nowadays he’s responsible the innovation, design, production and logistics areas in DIDIHU®.

David Cadena, from the productive agricultural lands of Hermosillo, Sonora is an entrepreneur with experience in finances and marketing, having found multiple businesses through his career in industries such as hospitality, marketing consulting and logistics. Always using innovation as key to stand out in the market. Nowadays David collaborates with the enthusiast marketing team that has the responsibility of communicating the value offer of DIDIHU® to the global agricultural community.

From this unique combination, a combined vision to develop the most innovative products for protected Agriculture and supply global needs emerges. We are proud to say that WE ARE DIDIHU and we can help you find a way to make your agricultural projects as productive as possible.

From this unique combination, the vision of leading the #SoilFree movement globally emerges, focused on developing the most innovative products to boost Landless Agriculture, which assumes an active approach instead of addressing pest and ecological problems as they arise. That is, to be an ecologically sustainable solution in the long term. Our mission is to help the largest number of producers in the world to adopt #SoilFree practices and achieve higher yields, healthy crops of the highest quality, prevent diseases, agricultural projects with greater controls and reduce the carbon footprint.

We believe in the success of our clients achieving a balance between ecology and profitability.